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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Keeping up with the Jones's

In a matter of speaking, that is. Joy, in Wanderings of a Student Librarian, offers TV as a means of professional development.

I have to admit that I see some wisdom in this, especially in public libraries. There have been many times--especially with younger patrons--where I honestly can't help them. For example, yesterday I was asked for cd's by a musician named Babyface. While I would have been able to search easily for a more academic subject, this one proved most difficult because I was not familiar with this music.

Could being more familiar with shows like Lost enable me to be a better research librarian? I can see where it might. Someone who likes this show might like x books, whatever those might be. I guess my next question would be how do we keep up with all of this information and still have a life? Is there a way to be well-rounded in our knowledge and not have to drudge through tv series or movies that we despise?

Also, could popular culture be better used in library programs? Could we bring in various fan groups and put those groups into a larger perspective?


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