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Sunday, October 09, 2005

LibSuccess Wiki

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki


While I only just discovered this site, this looks like it could be a good source of information for libraries. In addition to the usual management and grant proposal questions, there's also a section on technology and its implementation in libraries. I like how they focus on ideas and successes, rather than problems. I think their focus is an interesting and positive one. We often get bogged down in work problems; it's good to see what others are doing and how they're utilizing their available resources.

One section that I find particularly interesting is that on collaborative tools such as wikis, blogs, and rss. I believe that online communications such as these formats could greatly improve communication among the different shifts, levels, departments, and branches of a library system. They have many different possibilities, including sharing favorite sources, asking for help with research problems, etc. Rather than struggle through a particularly tough research question alone, why not enlist the help of everyone in the library system? There's also the practical part of the internet: while we may not always have access to inter-office communications, one could always post from home onto a blog or a wiki.

I believe that these formats hold a lot of potential for valuing everyone's knowledge and making our jobs easier and more enjoyable.


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